Tea Drinkers Have Another Great Reason To Smile!

As a fine tea enthusiast, I am often asked the following question pertaining to this amazing drink:
Q: How do you keep your teeth looking so good? You drink a lot of tea, but your teeth are not stained and seem to be very strong. What is your secret?
A: It's true. My teeth are unstained and very strong. It seems that I get asked this question quite often so I decided to do a little research on my own to find out if drinking high quality tea had anything to do with it.
Well, it turns out that several studies have been done on this topic. Here are are a few interesting findings on this topic:

-Studies show that drinking tea regularly is known to help strengthen tooth enamel and protect teeth from decay. It is important to restrict the use of sugar in your tea in order to gain the most benefits. -, "What are the food or drinks that can strengthen tooth enamel naturally?"

-"Tea good for teeth' Scientists believe that drinking tea may be a good way to keep your teeth healthy. They have discovered that compounds found in black tea may attack harmful bacteria in the mouth that cause gum disease and cavities. Researchers have previously focused on the possible health benefits of green teas." -BBC News l HEALTH l Tea 'good for teeth' >

There were so many interesting articles on this topic. A common thread throughout was that drinking tea without adding any sugar or sweetener is a key component to getting the benefits that the tea has to offer for your oral health. Sugar and other sweeteners are a leading cause for tooth decay and should be avoided. Now I know some some of you are reading this and saying, "WHAT?! NO SUGAR?!", but you can rest assured that at SHINEWORTHY TEA, we offer many different flavors and types of teas that are delicious without the need to add any sweetener at all. (click here to visit and view our selection of teas) In our tea tasting classes, we discuss ways to break away from the sugary drink habit. For many years I added sugar to my tea, so I understand. However, when I experienced high quality tea in its purest form at SHINEWORTHY TEA, I broke the habit and I guess my smile speaks for itself!