3-Tin Wooden Tea Gift Box - Shineworthy Tea

3-Tin Wooden Tea Gift Box

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This elegant gift set includes a beautiful wooden box with 3 different teas in reusable tea tins with windows to showcase the beauty of our teas. Each tin contains approximately 1-2 oz, or 20 servings.

Choose from the options below.

  • Green Tea Set 1: Cherry Blossom, A Cup of Serenity, Genmaicha 
  • Green Tea Set 2: Gunpowder, Ginger Orange, Sencha 
  • Black Tea Set 1: Happiness in a Cup, Celebrate, Dragon Boat Black 
  • Black Tea Set 2: Chocolate Decadence, Mango Amazon, Countryside Blend 
  • Herbal Infusion Set 1: Claireberry, Blueberry Delight, Red Velvet 
  • Herbal Infusion Set 2: Hibiscus, Nanalicious, Energy Yerba Maté 
  • White Tea Set: Bai Mudan, Raspberry Champagne, Tropical Paradise 
  • Oolong Set: Ti Kwan Yin, Nigiri Frost, Peach Oolong