Darjeeling Rare White - SHINEWORTHY TEA

Darjeeling Rare White

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A rare, single-estate white tea from the Poobong Tea Estate in Darjeeling.

The Poobong Estate was the first Darjeeling garden to produce a white tea. Established in the year 1913, Poobong Tea Estate is located at Ghoom Darjeeling, and the teas grow between altitudes of 3000 ft to 5500 ft. The word Poobong means "valley of bamboos" - a reference to an exotic setting where the tea itself grows. With an estimated area of 500 acres under cultivation, this tea estate produces approximately 70,000 kgs of tea annually. Located in a very picturesque setting, Poobong produces excellent classic Darjeeling teas from its quality bushes.

Caffiene Content: Low  Tasting Notes: Light, Subtle Flavor